Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Snowman Tablerunner

and she made this cute table runner. I thought I could do that too!
I got my trusty re-use paper and my "tools" yes, I have a compass. Doesn't everyone?

 I kind of figured I'd want to make the snowman about 9 inches wide so it would fit on a quater yard cut of fabric...good thinkin' huh?! But I also had to leave enough space for the seam allowances on the sides.
 So here's what I came up with, and then I fitted a paper scarf for this snowman. Now it's breaktime....ok while I was on break I thought about how I could sew it all together without having to bind it. SO I thought I'd try using regular old felt for the backing. So I fused the scarf and the nose on to my cutout snowmen, and then sewed each one right sides together to a felt back.
 I trimmed the seam allowance close and then turned them right side out. My favorite turning too here, a chopstick!
So these are looking pretty good so far. SO it was a little tricky sewing the snowmen together, but I just matched the right sides together and sewed as far as I could, beginning and ending on the back side. There I used the Nancy method of closing an open place, I just put a little bit of fusible web in there and ironed it closed.

 Then I took a break. Ok after break time, I decided to just swirly quilt the snowmen all around. 
 The felt added just the right amount of puffiness I think.

Now of course I didn't have any buttons on hand to make good a trip to JoAnn's and I found the perfect eyes I think.

OOO look how cute those eyes are!
I got some other buttons too, thinking I might like a mouth.....what do you think?  It's kind of an evil smirk in this picture....

I think I'm going with the eyes only like Wendy-my inspiration- did on hers.  Things to consider for next time...those side seams could sure be a little bigger. Maybe satin stitch the scarves before sewing them together next time. I think these guys are going to the bazaar on Saturday!

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