Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Sunday

So for the first time ever we chose to split up the Christmas activities that traditionally have happened on Christmas Eve. Got that? We used to be soooo busy fitting everything into one day on Christmas eve, we decided to try doing the Folks' Christmas on the Sunday before Christmas. Good idea!!!
We also thought we could get my baby sister on Skype, but we were running behind and she had to go to maybe for new years! It wasn't for the lack of tech support in the kitchen!
 Now on to the good stuff..presents. OK kiddos, take turns...youngest first......
 meanwhile, Men get your knives out! Haha...made me laugh, I was going to snap a picture of the men folk sitting in the other room, and look...they both were opening packages with their pocket knives!!
 Deep sigh...still waiting to open the present....why is it the youngest first??????????
 Fun was had by all, and it was such a nice Christmas Sunday!
We will need to remember to have it go from oldest to youngest next year!!!

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