Friday, December 26, 2014

Ho Ho Ho Christmas Day Roundup

 SO I sewed up these cute stockings-using the same method I used to make the 30 church stockings-for the kids coming to our house.
 And the kids had presents galore....
 Caitlynn, had to wait-AGAIN-to open her presents, sucks being the oldest!
The grownup???kids entertained themselves....

 Lookie who liked her quilt! YAY!!! Score one for homemade Christmas!!
 ANd Lookie who liked her vintage Jadeite bowl! YAY! Score one for vintage!!
 A wonderful lunch was prepared by my hubs-roast beef, taters and gravy..mmmmmmm it was delicious!
And with my favorite people to share it, we had a really nearly perfect Christmas!

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