Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's official!

Yes, it's official! The P&G Holiday box has arrived and that means it's officially the holiday season! YAY!
 All employees (like me) at Procter & Gamble (#PGEMP) get a holiday gift box. Let's see what it is this year! In past years we've gotten things like throw blankets, chip & dip tray, Pyrex cookware-travel pans, luggage, and my LEAST favorite ever- an Ice Bucket.
 Oh look another piece of luggage, a tote bag! 
 Oh good, I love getting a Christmas card from a multi-millionaire......Thanks A.G.
 well looks like they want us to be healthy again this year...a water bottle, some healthy recipe cards, and P&G earbuds......
 Oh and some product...that's always appreciated.....
 Well it really is feeling like Christmas time around here.
 I got a new bag and look.....Santa is out front to great me every day!!!
 And the one thing you always KNOW will be in the box...World Famous chocolate covered almonds.
Let the merriment begin!!

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