Friday, December 12, 2014

Like Clockwork

 So, I have this totally awesome vintage clock. I got it from my sister..Hi Anita! I just love the look, but it's electric and it doesn't work...darn it! So I thought I'd just take it apart and replace the guts.
 This baby was made in the USA and is all metal, boy, they knew how to encase a clock back then!
 SO I got it all apart, and cut the cord and it's coming a long pretty well.
 ewww, look there was an old boxelder bug inside there!!LOL! It's vintage too I think! Anyways after two trips to Hobby Lobby to get new clock guts, I got it back together....
 It looks awesome! I did have to cheat a little bit because the clock guts available to me were a little bit too tall to fit under the glass clock the handy man's secret weapon saved me on the backside!

I'm so glad to have this clock on the wall where it belongs. Now to get my tree up and Christmas stuff out!

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