Wednesday, January 7, 2015


 So here comes the snow! We got about 6 inches on Monday.  I was so thrilled that my friend, Snowblower, started right up! And even more thrilled that the gas can in the garage actually had gas in it!!
 What a job! Thank goodness it wasn't on Friday, because on Friday we had Furnace drama. This is what a used electronic ignitor looks like....we had this one replaced last year.
 This is what a broken electronic ignitor looks like, what a chilly problem to have, but thankfully it was only about 30 degrees on Friday night so when our furnace guy came on Saturday morning we were just chilly, not frozen we would have been today!
 brrr, look at that thermometer today, and the forecast is not good....
"Arctic air remains on top of us as the mercury falls once again tonight.  Wind chill values tonight stay between -20 and -30, making it a dangerous cold." Yeah, as opposed to a safe cold...whatever, TV weather guy.

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