Friday, February 20, 2015

Bunny Time

So since I have my sewing stuff organized, I better get going on a new project. Stitched By Crystal has this cute as can be bunny bag for Easter. I actually bought a little kit from Common Threads Quilt Shop, so easy as can be I make a template and away we go!
 I checked Crystal's blog for directions and then, of course, didn't follow them!  I sewed the ear parts before cutting-so easy!
 I also embroidered the little face when I made the 3rd bag....
 I used tiny buttons for the 1st bag I made. So cute, right!? Just tie the ears closed. I think jelly beans would be great in one of these.
So I decided I'm going to share this project with a small group at church on March 28-just in time for Easter.
 I gotta say, the pink ears are much cuter than the orange ears. I'm kind of unsettled about how the faces look though. Oh well they're all good!
Let's see if anyone else finds them as cute as I do!

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