Sunday, February 8, 2015

Friends of the Library

A few times a year the local friends of the Library have a book sale at the Coralville Library. Everybody knows I love books, sooooo.....
I had to go have a lookie loo.  Saturday was the 2nd day and I heard a few folks say they thought things were pretty picked over. I thought there were plenty of books to choose from and if I didn't hate to dust books so much I would have come home with more than just a few.

So I picked up just a few, two knitting books with really pretty illustrations for Mom. I doubt if she needs another project to knit on, but these are really nice books and only fifty cents each!! And a quilt book, it's a little but aged, but has a cute heart block pattern, and last a brand new dollar store decor book. I'm not interested in much from the dollar store, but I think it will be great in a gift basket for the church bazaar & auction in November. Yes, I'm planning ahead!
I got  3 books to add to the library in Uber Son's/Bob's/Guest room. They were only a quarter each. When GIL's kiddos come over I like to have something for them to read. Tiger Trail has some really lovely pictures.
Look at the wonderful illustrations in this book called King Bidgood's in the Bathtub.
The story is about King Bidgood, who doesn't want to get out of the tub, so he carries on with business from the bathtub. Love the pictures! What a great bathtub!
And the last book I bought is Little Black, A Pony. We had this book when we were kids and I think it was one of my sister's favorites, so I imagine the kids will like it too.
I had to read it again my self..... Yup, it's still a great book!

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