Saturday, March 21, 2015

Watering the Livestock

So since it's "spring" I thought I should get the dog's outside dish ready. I love this dish, it has a float valve on it so it stays full all the time. But I've had it a few yesrs and it needs some work...again.
 Look the darn splitter-the thing so I can hook up the garden hose at the same time as the dog dish-broke. I paid pretty good money for this brass one..well I guess I'll get the cheapo one later.....
 Darn, the connection between the dish and the hose leaks...luckily I have more hose gaskets! YAY! uuuoooo, it looks like it needed one huh!
 And look here, Happy hydrated dogs! This dish has a metal cover that goes over the float, but for now I'm leaving it off uuntil I get the level set just right so the dish doesn't run over or keep the level too low.
The dogs don't seem to care! Here's a  Link to get one similar to mine if your dogs want one one too. They run about $30, I got mine on sale at Orschlen's several years ago.

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