Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Season, New Purse

 So I cleaned out my old purse and switched to a new one I had stashed in my purse storage area..LOL! And it's funny, I noticed that I have a couple of twenty dollar bills just hanging around in the bottom of my purse...and those $20s only appear after my Mom has been sitting with my purse for a little when we travel to an appointment with Dad........hmmmm...Thanks Mom!
 DD sent me these pictures of her dogs playing at Kent Park . That Doodle sure does love the water, Jazz isn't quite so keen on it. It's probably a good thing they kept her on her leash....

 DD says Doodle would have liked to go chase some ducks floating around out there!

So I guess it's official-spring is here when the Doodle goes swimming, and when the purse changes!

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