Monday, May 25, 2015

Bike Flag

So a couple of weeks ago, I hauled a bike from my Dad to my girlfriend-in-law's kiddo. It's a pretty awesome bike, and it got an extra special bit of awesomeness thanks to my SIL John. He added a flag stick to the bike, but the flag was pretty much no good. 
Young Kevin wanted a Batman/Flash flag to go on the stick. SO here we go! I cut out the two flag backgrounds-one red one black- out of heavy duck fabric. Then used heat-n-bond to fuse on the designs.
 Then I stitched around the appliqued designs and then sewed the flag together. Flash on one side and batman on the other. I made a pocket to fit the stick-it should just slide on.
Asking a kid to hold a flag up so you can take a picture is impossible....

 Impossible I say....
Here it is though! Looks great on the bike!

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