Saturday, May 2, 2015

I Drove One 4UR Community

Today our local Ford dealer, Carter Ford, sponsored a Drive One 4UR community event. Ford pays $20 for every test drive taken on the day of the event. This time the money goes to the oxford Fire Department. I drove a 2015 Ford Edge. It was a really pretty car to drive. Bigger inside than my G6. 
 Look it has that cool rear view camera! It was pretty cool to see how close to the car behind me I was when parking.
 The backseat was roomy too, with outlets for electronics and separate temperature controls too!
 It was fun to drive a new car. I've been thinking about car shopping again...
 But I better finish paying off a few other things first!
If there's a Drive One event in your town you should go test drive a new Ford. It's a great way to make a few thousand bucks for a cause and it's free to drive a car! Fun for all!

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