Wednesday, May 6, 2015

It's Alive!

I've been having trouble with my remote keyless entry fob, it's been making me crazy.  I called the dealer and they couldn't even get me in to look at it for a week! So I called the key guy at Mike's lock & Key in Iowa City, Iowa. He told me to order  a new fob, and then call him. SO I went to Amazon and ordered a new fob-$13-what a deal!
 Then when it came I called Mike's Lock & Key and popped over to his shop and TA DA he plugged in the magical computer and I know have remote fobs again! AND he only costs $35. WAAAAY cheaper than the dealer-and no waiting a week! YAY! I know in relation to the problems of the world, the ability to lock and unlock my doors is a pretty small thing, but it's amazing how spoiled one gets when you have to get the key in the lock-especially when it's dark or rainy!

So, A few weeks ago, DD, my gardener, burned off the hillside by our driveway. I thought she had killed off the peony plant. I gave her guilt about it so she went and bought 2 new peonies.
 But lookie here! The old ones a popping right up!
I'm so happy to see it's alive too!

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