Saturday, June 20, 2015

Visiting For Work

So, my employer (I work for Procter & Gamble) provides us with a day called deployment day. It's when they roll out the plans for the year ahead and try to generate some enthusiasm for work in general. You know, sing kum ba ya and hold not really. But they do allow part of the work day to go out to lunch with your work team and to do a team "bonding" event.
I had lunch with my team, and then for our team "bonding" we trekked out to the McBride Nature Area and visited the Raptor Center. I hadn't been out to the Raptor Center since Uber Son was a cub Scout! They've grown a little bit! But some of the same birds are still there. The Raptor Center houses birds that have been injured or are unable to survive in the wild. Many have broken wings or have been raised by humans (for some reason that I will NEVER understand) or have been permanently disabled.

This eagle has a wing problem and can't survive out in the wild , but it's amazing to see him close up at the Raptor Center.

Here are two of my Team members-Dave & Todd. 
We're providing evidence that we really did go bird watching!LOL!
 Each of the raptors are kept in their own enclosure.
 You don't really realize how big they are until you see them close up. It's a great area out at Lake McBride-a nice drive through the woods, and an easy walk through the butterfly garden and the prairie paths. Here's a link to learn more...McBride Raptor Center
 It seems kind of sad that some of these birds have been here for 10 years or more, but they would be dead if they hadn't been cared for by the Raptor Center. The center is a self guided tour and it is a really lovely area to walk around.
We saw owls, hawks and a falcon too. We had beautiful weather and the walk from the parking area was just what we needed after a big lunch!

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How wonderful. Adding that to my list.