Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bra Phone Holders

So, my Girlfriend-In-Law has been running in 5K fun runs. I know, right? What an athlete-she likes to run!  She saw the phone pocket I made for DD last year to hold her phone while she was mowing the lawn. It just clips to her bra strap.
 SO I worked up a prototype to fit her phone. I made it have two narrow Velcro clips to hold it in place around the strap on her sports bra.
 I hope by using two strips it will keep her phone from bouncing around while she runs.
 I'll have to get an action shot of her! Meanwhile I made a new one for DD's phone. Her phone is kind of giant!
 I made it with a button hole for her on the bottom to feed her headphone cord through-she listens to music while she mows. She also texts me to come out and pick up the dog toys!
 See how it just Velcros around the sports bra strap.
 Works pretty slick. I think the idea is genius-I better get on Shark Tank with it I think!

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