Monday, October 5, 2015

Of Crafts and Typewriters and Anvils

 So I drove up to Marshalltown, Iowa to visit my Mom & Dad. It's always a good time to see what they are up to. And there's almost always lunch too! SO Mom and me stopped by the local mall to see the craft & quilt show...hmmm I guess I didn't take any quilt pictures.....odd.....But there were wooly mittens...
 and someone is shooting a lot in order to make these unique gift items! Back at home, I updated Mom's Facebook page with this vintage beauty....
Aren't we so cute! The edge says 1966 so I guess that's right. You can just see the neighbor dog's nose at the bottom of the picture-I think my sister is laughing-or yelling- at the dog.  My Dad sure looks young! This was one of my favorite Easter dresses, it has a cape! Who wouldn't love a cape? Especially when they were 6 years old!
 Mom shared her typewriter stash-she can't figure out what to do with these beauties.
I'm no help I'm afraid....maybe Freecycle them?

A stop out to Dad's shop to see the latest anvil acquistions...these are getting some beauty treatments.
 Look at this shiny've seen this one before
 Yup-it's the Loretta Anvil! See what a little anvil love will do!
 Dad also had a couple of engines loaded for a show on Sunday. This little guy is The Midget-Dad says he hadn't seen one like this before so that's always a good thing!
 And this one is a Gade. They were made in Cedar Falls, Iowa.
Always interesting stuff to see and do at Mom & Dad's house.

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