Friday, November 27, 2015

Paper Piecing Tree

So I haven't ever paper pieced before. But my Mom had this cute pattern she got somewhere along the line and she said I could have it if I made one for her. SO here I go!
I checked a couple of videos on line to get started....
 Coming along pretty well! It's kind of hard to get the first two pieces together, but easier as it goes along.
 See how this  is looking? Here's the top of the tree. This pattern calls for the sections to be made and then connected when they are all complete.

 There, I'm down to the bottom!
 Lots of sections to put together now.

 TA-DA! All the sections are together and the border is on.

Now it's time to tear off all of the tissue paper. What a pain in the neck!
 Quilted and bound, this little tree is going to Mom's tomorrow for Thanksgiving!
 It turned out pretty good for a first time paper piecing.
I won't point out that one little boo boo though!!

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