Thursday, December 31, 2015

What A Drip!

I have a drip under my ladies room sink. 
 Look at that-the darn fitting is broken! How the heck do these things happen?  Off to the hardware store I go! Hopefully in one trip....hahahaha so funny, one trip, hahahah trip two! Lesson learned-- two sizes for drains-1 1/4" for bathrooms and 1 1/2" for kitchens.
 Here we go, I got one one these nifty strap wrenches-worked great to loosen the fitting that was probably glued or something.
 Of course, when I made my 2nd trip to the hardware store they didn't have JUST the part I needed, noooo, but they had this bag-o-parts that had one little fitting that I did need. FINE! Oddly enough it was only 15 cents difference in price-weird. Slap that baby back together-darn still a drip...add that handy secret weapon-teflon tape to the rescue!!
 TA-DA! Done! No drip! I'll let it think about what it's done over night to make sure no dripping is happening! Happy New Year!! Drip Free in 2016!!

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