Sunday, April 24, 2016

And Here's the Window

 SO I retrieved these old windows from my Folk's place last weekend. They were in the old garage at their house.
 Take a close look at these babies. Look, they are assembled with mortise & tenon joint (thanks Norm Abrams & PBS) and then there are wooden pins that hold the joint in place.
 There are four of these windoes and the garage they came out of was likely over 100 years old.
 I can remember playing on the dirt floor of that old garage, hanging out with my Dad. I must have been maybe 4 or 5.

 So I brushed off the cobwebs and dust and brushed off the bits that were loose.
 I put a dab of glue in some of the joints to help them stick together better-a lot of the wood has rotted in places.

 Glue is wonderful stuff!
 You can see in this window where the corss peice is missing. Some really clever carpenter made the holes just right for the cross part to fit into.
 Then the windows were screwed together with a wide plank to make a big window. Those old screws were pretty tough to get out! I almost gave up and left them in.
 But here they are hanging in Bob & Ben's room.
 They look great on the wall I think!
See Bob likes them! 

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