Friday, May 6, 2016

Nurses Week Card

So, DD called and asked if I could make her some cards for her work. She's a Medical Assistant, but Nurses Week is coming right up and so her co-workers wanted to show a little appreciation for the nurses they work with and could I make them some cards?
Sure, I can do that. 
 I googled some vintage nurse images, and got to thinking about how stern and solemn they all looked in their funny little caps. Did you know that lots of nursing schools from the 1800s through the 1980s had individual, unique caps that would identify the wearer as a nursing graduate of that particular school? Google is a wonderful thing. Here's the  LINK to the picture I used. Anyways, I printed the photo of these nurses onto photo paper and captioned it with "Put on your party hat & celebrate! Happy Nurses Week".
 Cute right? I think so...Hallmark, eat your heart out!!LOL! I layered the photo on some cute cardstock and added a few little brads for decoration and TA-DA cards are done for Nurses Week.
 Next to make the envelopes. I used my handy dandy envelope punch board-it sure makes quick work of making envelopes.
 Done and ready to go...except DD also needed a birthday card for another co-worker. OK I can do that too!
 Here it is! Cute paper makes it easy to make a cute card. I added the clip with the FUN! embellishment to finish it off!
SO Happy Nurses week to all my nurses out there...I only know a few..snort...haha!

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