Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Little Yard Work

 So the power company cut off a bunch of tree branches at my Mom & Dad's house. Being good kids, my Sister and my kids and me went over there to get the wood moved. See DD is almost done...see the pile behind her?
 We probably won't get an A for neat wood stacking but it's better than it was! We stacked it closer to the garage so Dad can cut it up to burn in the garage when it's cold.
 One thing was a pretty big deal, see that? Ben drove Grampa's pick up! He pulled close to the piles of wood that the power company left.
 Then we loaded it in the pick up and moved to the next pile. Then unloaded over by the garage.
 At the same time. Julie and Dad were burning the pile of sticks that was piled up.
 It was a pretty fast burning pile!

 One thing I can tell you is that hackberry wood is a lot heavier to pick up than walnut!
Dad pointed out this big old walnut tree is almost all hollow-look at it on the North side-I sure don't know why they wouldn't take the whole tree down! It's bound to fall at some point. They're putting in new power poles, so they cut away the branches they wanted, but you's think they would be a little concerned over a whole trunk falling on the lines.
 All done for now.  Really good weather for the fire-hardly any breeze. Glad this work is done.

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