Saturday, March 10, 2018

Saturday Running Around

 I stopped at the library to get return/get some more books and this Jeep Renegade was parked next to my Jeep renegade. A Burrito Utility Vehicle from the Dept of Burrito Relations! HAha! Panchero's does have really good burritos! After grocery shopping I drove out to the Johnson County Fairgrounds for the annual Kiwanis Antique Show.
 This notice was posted on the door-I guess we're going to have some dancing in Oxford on Sunday evenings!
 I always keep my eye open for Jadite for Darling Daughter. She says he doesn't need mugs though. This booth was asking $12 each for them!
 Pretty quilts seemed to be everywhere. Some are actually old, but a lot are newer machine sewn reproductions. At least it seems that way to my untrained eye!
 This booth was only asking $8 each for the mugs. It pays to shop I guess!
 I do enjoy seeing all the old "junk". This basket was unique-they had it marked as a sewing basket. Seems like it would be tippy with the narrow bottom.They were asking $58.
 And I changed the runner on top of the fireplace. I saw this bunny pattern and thought it was cute.
 The pattern, called Easter Parade, is free at Center Street Quilts. 
I don't think I have good contrast, so I'm not really crazy about it. I didn't put batting in it, just backed it with some scrap flannel. But it will do for the short time before Easter is here!
Time to move the clock forward!

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