Saturday, April 7, 2018

Baby Quilt Finish!

So, DD works with a Dr. who will be having a baby soon. She said their baby room theme was vintage travel luggage/Giraffe. OOO K. I found this awesome vintage fabric at Hobby Lobby it's Tim Holtz Eclectic Elements. He does make some really wonderful fabric-and paper too!
 A little while back I saw this Quilt a long at Polka Dot Chair.   She always has the nicest quilts! I thought I'd give the quilt a long a try-just not right at that time. Her pattern is called Seasonal Safari. I like the way each row is different-and they're nice big blocks-so that means QUICK!
 I had a little struggle with these big hourglass blocks...I fixed it after DD pointed out that the intersection was not good. Thanks Sweetie!
 I messed around with the layout for a while. I added some extra strips in between the rows and I chose not to make the 3rd quilt a long row-it looks like a saw tooth and I just didn't like it.
And I made a zigzag row instead of a plain row too.
 So I got it all together and used one of the dotted prints I had in my stash for the binding.
 I LOVE it! The colors in these [pictures are a little odd....
 Must be because it was kind of late when I took them-bad light.
 Here it is after a wash! Love the crinkly goodness!

I love the way it came out! I hope the new baby Momma likes it too!

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