Monday, January 7, 2019

Google How to Change A Light Bulb......

 So, the little light bulb on the front of my Jeep Renegade is burned out. There's a light on my dash that tells me every day when I drive. Deep sigh...don't you just want to have a "yes, I know it" button to stop the light? Anyways, I googled how to change the bulb-in a Jeep Renegade, because I had no idea how to access it.
 In past vehicles, I have found that you kind of have to dis-assemble the car to change a light bulb. Luckily in this case, you just have to pop off this panel in the wheel well-I had to turn the wheel so Icould get in there, but no trouble!
 Here's one of two bulbs that are in the light spot I need to replace. The other one is a clear bulb...jeepers, of course I had to do it the hard way and take out this bulb-which was just fine and THEN get to the one that was actually burned out!
 See that little hole on the right side, above my arm? You can look in there and see exactly where you need to reach to change the bulbs. Handy, but a wee bit awkward when one hand is holding the phone flashlight and if I had a longer arm that would be good too!
 TA-DA!  That little light is now doing what it was made to do!
And I got the cover panel back in place too. Those two fake screws are totally silly-there's nothing to screw in to-I just popped one out of the hole and popped it back in there again.  Now I can go sew a little bit!
I need to trim about 200 little half square triangle blocks, then it's assembly time for the Good Fortune Mystery Quilt!!!

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