Saturday, June 5, 2010

Arts Festival......LOVE IT!!!

So today I went to the Arts Festival in Iowa City.  It was rainy all morning, and since I didn't get around until nearly 11 it was all clear! Lots of people, music, food, and of course ART! I always like that there's such an eclectic mix-almost crafty to serious art, and it's all really fabulous!Look at this cool wood stuff-just gorgeous!
Yes I forgot to take my..I mean Uber Son's camera so these are from my phone...not too bad.

See purses...mmmmmmm purses....yum! Lookie at this cool batik fabric-it was a wall hanging.
This was beautiful pottery-I think this was the same artisit that DD bought a couple of pieces from last year.
There was lots of music-these folks were very good, they had a kind of Irish, feel and a beautiful young lady played the violin. They kept the crowd entertained! There was also a main stage with more music and the Peruvian group, selling CD's were really good!
Tons of food of all kinds was offered for sale-look CorNroc!! They grill corn on the cob and serve it up with seasonings in the butter & mayo.Or you could get falafle, or BBQ, or brats, or Greek grilled or Asian food, it's like a smorgasboard!!!

Here's some more serious art, there were a lot of paintings, most of them a bit too rich for my budget, but probably very reasonable for original artworks.

This artist had sculptures using rocks with holes drilled in them and assembled in different artsy ways with old rusty iron. They had quite a crowd looking at all the different things.
 There was quite a bit of pottery-which I really liked a lot. This bunch belongs to a person I went to Jr. High school with-Kirk Niehouse, I didn't see him around, but I thought his work looked great!

So I didn't buy a single thing, but it's still going on tomorrow!.......