Sunday, June 6, 2010


I've been doing a few DIY projects around the house, I installed a new programmable thermostat...How come I NEVER have the same wires as the directions???? ARRGGGGG!!!

But it works very well!!!

Then I got us a new phone for the kitchen, because the old one was dying-even after replacing the battery. But the new one wasn't designed to hang on the wall so, after careful measuring,  I got these little beauties at Menards. You save BIG money at Menards---well on sale for 19.99 anyways.
And one makes a dandy shelf for the new phone beside the fridge! I pulled out the old wall hangers from the old phone and put in new ones to hang the little sconce...shelf to me, I feel all Martha-like.
Just one little DIY note....
These kind of wall anchors are crap in my opinion,you have to drill a big hole, you hammer them in, and they scrunch up or break so you have to try another one, the bright color is annoying, and you really want to be done faster with fewer tools, and they might be OK for some tiny little thing but really...........

Get  this kind-they go in so easily, with no drilling in plain drywall, and they aren't those icky bright colors and they hold like a ton, I think they're a lot easier and way more reliable
They come in packages and cost a little more but are SO worth it! and this is the link to see all the kinds out there-even for solid wood walls