Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July In A Small Town

Our small town, Oxford, has an excellent parade every 4th of July. Everyone turns out to watch or be IN the parade.
Always start with the color guard- I love to see everyone stand and honor the colors.

Then an assortment of Fire & Rescue service vehicles-we're proud to have such dedicated volunteer fire departments in a lot of the nearby small towns and they all shine up for the parade.
It wouldn't be a parade with out the various antique farm tractors and implements.
And the local businesses all have a...float/car/ENTRY!

 Love the shriners! 
Love the Percheron horses. The folks from First Trust Bank always hitch up for the parade.

  And always a zillion kids and support for the American way. Notice these two cute girls on the truck? I remember when it was soooo cool to have matching clothes with your best friend, I'm thinking it's still cool to have blue plaid shorts that match your best friends.
The politicians come out in force with stickers and flyers to hand out. 

And CANDY for the kids. I've heard that some towns have stopped the throwing of candy from parades, but I just think it's one of the best things about parades. Every kid comes prepared with a bag or bucket. 

And the classic cars,,,,mmmm hmmm there is always a good turn out of classic car owners for the annual 4th of July cruise from Parade to parade. 
In fact that's what makes our parade pretty cool is that folks start in Coralville for the BIG parade then over to Oxford, then over to Hills, then around to Lone Tree or other small towns. It's a great way to get folks out in all the small towns.
Fireworks tonight if it doesn't rain!!