Sunday, July 4, 2010

Santana in Sioux City

What a HUGE crowd, and all such wonderful people. Especially the volunteers and security folks.  See this cute young man in the bright orange shirt? He actually pushed Hubs in his wheel chair all the way up the hill to the beer garden. Phew!! It was not exactly a small hill! I am sooo grateful!!

Here we are with our new Saturday in the Park friends......Cal, Megan, & Zach. They were the best concert neighbors anybody could ask for!! And Zach pushed Hubs all the way down the hill to get loaded into the truck at the end of the evening. What a super guy!! I can only say THANK YOU again!!!!

Look at the size of the crowd! It was such a nice day, and an excellent park too-unless you're in a wheelchair!  But truly, the stage at the bottom of the hill and the way you could arrange seating was so cool. They had a ton of food vendors... Lookie at this pig smoker! I swear they stole a back mix tank from my workplace!!!