Friday, September 2, 2011

Hotels, Motels & Rants

So we stayed in a lot of different places over this long vacation. One thing that drove me nuts-Towels. What's the deal? In a room with 2 beds, there could be 4 people in the room-right? So why can't anyone put four towels in the room? What's the deal?
From Motel 6 to the Marriott there never was 4 towels in the room. Only 1 Marriott-the one at LAX had 4 towels and the Hilton at LAX also had towel galore.

I tell ya, I just stopped taking pictures of motel rooms. It was getting too depressing. I didn't ever have a perfect room. The Hilton came the closest, but I had to do laundry there and one of the 2 washers there was broken so I had to do one load at a time...deep sigh and they were $2!!. The Marriott in LA was the 2nd best. They actually had a handicap accessible room with 2 beds, but then they couldn't give us a room for a second night so we moved next door to the Hilton. We also slummed a little and stayed at motel 6. I can't complain because the rooms were clean-the main thing for me anyways. But what's the deal with flat pillows? Must be a Motel 6 trademark or something. We;ll leave the light on for you and give you a guaranteed flat pillow.
The best bed I ever slept in was at the Hilton. What a dreamy bed! The bed at the Red Lion Hotel in Idaho was also very good.
We also stayed at a Rodeway Inn-a first for me I think. Pretty nice room really, fridge & microwave and neat and clean. Not nearly enough electrical outlets though. That's another issue we ran into everywhere. Not enough electrical outlets. When you plug in a couple of cell phones and a laptop or GPS unit that about takes them all up.
Don't even get me started on WI Fi. I kid you not the One Motel 6 had free internet another charged $2 for 24 hrs, and the Hilton was $2 per hour!!! and the Marriott was also $2 an hr but if you wanted to sit in the lobby you can have free internet because there's a starbucks in the lobby and you can connect there! Where have these folks been? EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE FREE INTERNET!!!!! Nuff said!!!!!!!!!!!