Friday, September 2, 2011

Yellowtail Dam & Hardin MT

Our last major stop was the Yellowtail Dam located near Hardin MT. Gramps Bill Knuckey worked on this dam project & Hubs grew up in this area-one of the dam dam kids.

 The visitor center is like a step back in time.

 The ranger here helped Hubs look for some information about Morrison-Knudson, the contractor for the construction of the dam.

 The lake created by the dam is a really popular recreation area -Big Horn Canyon and Big Horn Lake and the river is popular for fishing,since it no longer floods the communities nearby.

Here's the school Hubs went to in Fort Smith-it's still a school, but a small one.
So about Hardin. It's small town kind of like Marengo size I'd say-it's the county seat too. We ate supper here at the Lariat Diner. Delicious! They had homemade Pie! YUM! I had coconut cream. It was good-not as good as Janelle Curry's but still good. So anyways Hardin is right at the Crow Indian reservation and I was struck by the poverty in some areas. Although tourists are pretty big business closer to the Dam, Hardin also caters to visitors too.