Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Val's Bridal Shower

Well things went pretty well. I was THRILLED with how well the flower centerpeices came out...with our limited budget. That jar with burlap and lace was just perfect! Hick Chic!
I had doubts about the location-our local American Legion Hall, but it cleaned up pretty well.
You can see here our Friend Lindsey AKA the Scentsy Lady, setting up her goodies. Lindsey's Scentsy Link
If you want some scentsy, you can click this link. I thought I didn't like the fall small-Autumn Stroll- but I brought home the sample and I'm smitten! The Shower/Scentsy party concept was another thing I kind of wondered about, but ti turned out great and a lot of the guests bought stuff for Val! YAY!
Val's Aunts all brought the food-they brought a choclate fountain! It was awesome! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it!
Lookie at those cute fruit skewers! We made the punch-a variation of Gramma punch using Hawaiian Punch, Lemonade, and SunDrop soda. It was really good!