Friday, November 25, 2011

All Done! YAY!

So here's the after picture-sooo much nicer doncha think? The little plaid underskirt looks so much better!

I prettified up the advent wreath, a little plaid just makes it sooo much better!

See and the star on top? I almost forgot it! LOVE that tree skirt and I can't get over how awesome the paper garland is. Hope the church ladies like it too!

The wreaths are great.

Got the table runner done, I'm not too happy with the way it lays, but it is what it is. Reminder to self...DO NOT EVER TRY TO SEW COTTON VELVETEEN. But thanks to Mom for the nice stash fabric!
And at last the garland over the back door. Phew! It was horrible getting it up there, so yeah I know it's just a bit wonky, but I can't reach it to fix it, and it's a lot better than before, just ask my helper, Ellen!!