Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merry Birthdversary

So I had my dear wonderful friend kathy make the cupcakes...sooo good!
Red & green chli, almost ready to go. We also had really good hot dogs, the kind that crunch when you bite em, and walking tacos and fruit salad, and of course cupcakes!
The head chef, busy all day making chili, 
So it took a lot of work to haul all the food in,

Set the cupcakes in place,

Decorate the tables,
And get the band set up.

But we got it done!

Here are Dannie's helpers..they're pretty good with scissors... and they can appreciate chairs that match. It does make such a big difference. Really, just ask us!

But the best part was all our friends coming in and THE BAND! We love the band!

 The Band, Mark and the guys he picked up to play, were kind enough to let some of the young guys stand in and jam a bit with them. These guys were all awesome. Little Aaron-who we've known forever, is soo talented and his friend Zack, and Ben's friend John  made us all proud with there excellent playing!
So we had an awesome night, and I think the guys in the band had fun too!