Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh MAN!!!????!!!

SO you may remember it was my birthday awhile back?  Well there are many things that make ones birthday special. Not the least of which is ones drivers license expires!! YIKES! So I zipped over to Marengo, I love their courthouse, it's old and has cool wood and the tiles on the floor are very unique, and one doesn't have to wait in line usually, because, well because there just aren't that many people in Iowa County I guess.
See? Isn't this tile cool?
And pretty wood. And when you go up and down the stairs the wood creaks and moans....HEY! It creaks and moans when ANYONE walks up and down the there!
But this was the best part....
when you get in the Drivers License office......
Yeah, so if you aren't here for doing business for yourself, well then get out! Too funny...OK maybe it's just me. Yes I am easily amused. Also I didn't get a pic, but the take a numbers are little cardboard pieces, with handwritten numbers on them. So that's quaint-right, but there was one person in front of me and there was no one around and the lady says.."take a number, I'll be with you after her"...Really? ya think? Yes I took the number 2, and sat down in the hall. Gotta love the small town! Amen!!