Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thieves Market

Today DD and I went to the Thieves Market at the Iowa memorial Union. Lots of ART(see capital letters art) and not so much craft. I really was overwhelmed with all the jewelry & pottery.Here's a link to their video. U of I fine arts council
The pottery was all so beautiful. I am amazed at all the wonderful colors and techniques.

Tons of jewelry was for sale. Everything from little plastic beads, to crocheted wire, sterling silver, pounded copper, gold, brass, leather, all natural, man-made, if you can name a medium, I bet there was some kind of jewelry made of it. Personally I can only look at jewelry for just so long but DD...she's wild for the stuff. I also noticed that I can't take pictures of jewelry-it comes out looking like boxes of foreign stuff.

There was also a lot of really wonderful artwork too. This artist used almost all paper  and bits of wood for her work

These mosaics were BEAUTIFUL! They were clay tiles of all shapes, with sayings and profound poetry on some. Then put together with really gorgeous textured tiles. Very expensive, but very nice to look at!

I loved this name, Jubilant acrylics. It was true too-her art was very jubilant!

Isn't this pretty art too? Original oil paintings. Big bucks, I suppose you already knew that?
This was really different pottery. They had these wonderful fanciful dragons, and other critters coming out of the containers-mugs, eggs, piggy banks-very unique and well crafted.

I wasn't really a fan of this artist, I was just surprised at the price tag.
There was so much to see! Makes me feel all cultured now!