Monday, December 5, 2011

Start of Christmas...

Oh Goodie, goodie...what'd we get this year??

I guess it's lucky that P&G continues the tradition of the holiday gift. with over 127,000 employees worldwide it's a huge and I'm sure costly undertaking. 
So if you haven't got your box my fellow P&Gers...stop now! Close the blog and wait for your box. Let me also point out to you the excellent, expansive, perfectly fitting packaging that is a tradition of the P&G holiday box. THere's enough cardboard in here to keep a daycare full of toddlers busy for hours!

OOO pretty...oh my SURPRISE! not really.
We always get some products. When I started 15 years ago the box had a lot more food & Christmas-e type of things including a little canned ham! Alas! Those outspoken vegetarian folks won out and now the only food item we can count on every year is the chocolate covered almonds...YUM!

OH Good! I'm so glad it's not an ice bucket!
And look a kitty toy box too!
Bob likes the box..thanks P&G!