Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I Know about Cookies

The manufacturers and business people have better recipes than people who have the one their great great great Aunt Frieda always used.

 So there's this cookbook...and I thought since the cookie sale is coming up on Saturday, I'd give one a try. The cookbook is a bunch of recipies from folks who sent them in to a contest and the people who "know" selected them as "winners". huh.

 Really? These don't look good at all. They taste OK but really are not pretty at all!

 This isn't much better, deep sigh.....darn it. They would be better with no caramel, and smashed with sugar.
Oh look the back of the coconut package has a recipe......
Mmm Yum, look at these!MMMmm

These are much better looking cookies-and good tasting too!
So I better stick with manufacturers recipes.