Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Drive Time

So when it snows I always debate with myself about which way is the best way to go home from work. I could take the Interstate-there should be lots of sand and snowplows there, right? OR I could take state hwys -they should be good and clear for the school buses, Right? This morning I chose I80.   
Ordinarily I don't recommend taking photos while driving, but when one is driving 25mph on I80...the risk is pretty insignificant. This unfortunate person four wheel drove right into the ditch.

Mostly pick ups today in the ditches and whipped around in interstate donuts, pointing the wrong way to make the driver wish they had extra pants along for the ride.

Oh never a good thing to be on the side for the ride...
Yes, you are seeing another person who 4 wheeled it in a big doughnut and WOW-I bet he's glad those cable barriers have been installed-"Phew", I bet he's thinking-"I could have slid into the ditch with no serious damage, but lucky for me these cables have messed me up instead. THANKS Iowa DOT!"
As I got closer to my exit I saw more trucks in trouble...

and it looked like my exit was a parking lot.

But no troubles for me, just call me "Mrs. 25mph on the interstate" and I got home with no problems-well yes, it took almost an hour but hey, I can sleep when I get there! I wish I'd have thought of taking pictures sooner, this was only the 6 miles from the Tiffin Exit on I80 to the Oxford exit on I80. There were at least 6 others on 218.