Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recipe Swap Cards

Occasionally, I join in a swap of recipes on one of my favorite crafty places. Craft sayings
They announce the theme-this time it's cakes. And then you decorate pretty cards with your cake recipe to share. After they're all done you send off the required number of cards to your hostess and when she gets them from everyone, you get a package in the mail of a bunch of recipes on pretty cards!

I'm sharing a cake recipe that I made awhile back for something or other at the church. It came out good and was very tasty too.

I used some more of my old atlas pages for the base, and printed the recipe on card stock. Then added some foo-foo pretties, and now I'm ready to laminate them. I just use the sticky laminating sheets-No machine:-(
I'll have to remember to share the package of cards I get back when they come.