Friday, February 10, 2012

Eating Out

SO Spousal Unit & I went to Augusta Restaurant this evening.
He had this giant steak, it was cooked perfectly. And I had chicken cordon bleu
All in all not bad. Augusta is kind of a funny place
I like their mismatched decor-tables and chairs are a mish mash. And I really like the salt & pepper shakers-it's like someones great Aunt Phyllis left her salt & pepper shaker collection with you...heck maybe she did!
 Funny thing too, is they had like 3 server/hostess people, and when you walk in, they ask if you have a reservation-we did- and then they act like it's a HUGE DECISION where to seat you. HELLO? You knew we were coming....and as you can see we went early (5:30) and it's not like there were no tables available. So the hostess person says, oh let me see where I should put you...really? gee that's a tough one, hon. Anyways, I like to keep the little businesses IN business so it was a good thing to go there, just kinda funny.