Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines from the Dump

Quite a few years ago, our Great Aunt Grace passed away. Members of my family-and me too- went to her home in Pawnee City Nebraska. Her house had been cleaned out in preparation for the upcoming auction. My sister and me, had the brilliant idea to go to Pawnee City's open pit garbage dump to see if we could recover some items that we felt sure had been thrown away as trash.  Now I don't remember what made us do this, but we asked for directions to the dump and sure enough uncovered a treasure trove of Great Aunt Grace memorabilia. Thinking back, I can't believe we went digging in the dump, but thankfully the folks of Pawnee City were pretty clean dumpers.  Anyways there was this little box that had once held stationary, and inside were a few letters and a few cards and these wonderful valentines.

If of me you sometimes think, send me back this heart of pink. What a sweet boy must have written this one.

I just love this one-it's obviously hand made and I guess she didn't return it. Poor guy.

This is just gorgeous-it's embossed and has Grace's name on the back. Can't you just imagine someone spending their hard earned money on this fancy valentine?

awww, faithful don't hear that much these days do you?

I think Mattie might be Grace's sister Martha, but I can't quite make out who it's from.
 This one kind of creeps me out a's almost like they wanted to combine St. Patrick's' Day and Valentines day since the little fairy guy looks pretty darn irish in his green coat and top hat.
 And of course let's have some affections offering  and good wishes. No name on this one, I'm guessing it was in an envelope maybe.
So that's what you get when you do digging around in the dump. These days they'd probably arrest us!