Saturday, February 25, 2012

Floor Done, and more work for me:-(

This little table has been around a long time. It holds the mixer and some cookbooks-it's back in its place now.

It was pretty wobbly-but a bit of Gorilla Glue & TA DA! And add some cork to the bottoms of the legs-wouldn't want to scratch the new floor!

Ben's old toybox that lives in the front closet needs a little work. The bottom was nailed in and it came loose, and the one wheel keeps falling off because it broke a bit of wood off. His Great Grampa gave him this box when he was just a little guy. Now I keep his old toys in it.
There That's better. A couple of screws and a wood block inside to support the wheel did the trick!
 So back to the closet you go little red toybox.
Off to check if the glue is dry!