Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Floor Update & A First

So here's where we are with the floor. Day 4 no one is here working today. We still have the carpet to laminate transition to complete, trim in the kitchen and island, fix a boo boo by the entry closet and trim the heat vent in the kitchen. I think that's all....

So on Saturday I went to help out my American Legion Auxiliary make kolaches to sell on Sunday. I have never made kolaches before. So this was a first for me. You know how folks who have been doing a job for years and years have a certain way they do things? Well imagine, if you will, two folks who have been doing the same job for years and years , but have slightly different techniques.

Luckily they have the same recipe! Just different ways of cutting dough, rolling dough...

Different methods for laying out sheet pans,

But, only one oven person!

There are strawberry, apricot, poppy seed,  and also cherry, and something else, but I had to go before they were done.