Monday, June 25, 2012

Nine Dollars Worth of Fun

So At the auction yesterday, over in Watkins, DD was eying a couple of things with me and so she bid on them! Look at the lovely case on this little Singer sewing machine. Heck that pretty wooden case is worth the high bid price of nine stinkin' dollars. REALLY!! Can you believe it! Well it had to come home with us!

Inside the lid-which BTW has the key too-attached to a string tied to the handle-is the knee lever. This machine doesn't have a foot control-it has a knee control. The metal control fits n the little hole in the case and hangs down to the sewer's knee to turn it on and off. 
Bet my Mom already knew that!
So I checked the electrical cord, which looked like it had been replaced in  at some point not too long ago-maybe the 70's? Anyway it was in good shape.

Then I turned the hand wheel and made sure it would move well, and then I looked in the bobbin case! YIKES! What the heck??
Look at these long skinny bobbins! There's a little push button that releases the bobbin case and then you can threaded it almost like a regular today kind of bobbin. I won't be able to wind bobbins until I get a new rubber O ring for the wheel on the winder, you can see it's pretty rotted.
So we're all threaded and ready to go!
Look at that! It goes like a champ! WOW! It's pretty smooth, and makes a nice stitch. No reverse though! And nothing fancy here...BUT WAIT ! LOOK! Yes there's more.... look at all of these attachments!!!!!!
There's a ruffler, a tucker, a binder, and an adjustable hemmer! I can't believe we got all this fun for only $9.
I am starting to feel like a home for wayward sewing machines, but gee whiz at least it's not dogs!

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