Sunday, June 24, 2012


So today DD and me went over to Watkins to a little estate sale.There were a lot of things to look over. It wasn't a really big sale, but it was in a nice shady yard and there was a good friendly crowd.
This brick smoke house was in the back yard of the property.
OOOOOOH! Pretty! This treadle Singer sewing machine had the prettiest artwork on it! I don't think I ever saw a Spinx on a Singer before! It was lovely, in a really pretty wood cabinet with a really cute wooden box of accessories.
You can see the unfolded square wooden box of accessories in the right edge of this picture. This lovely machine sold for only $30.
This little pretty says it is a 128 machine from Singer too. It has a rounded wood carry case. It is so pretty!We came home with a couple of little things, I'll have to take pictures. It was a nice afternoon of bidding! Reminder to self-don't let DD get too interested in anything -she won't hesitate to bid!!!!

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