Thursday, July 26, 2012

Deep Sigh

So I have spent a lot of time at the U of I hospital this week.
First DD had her gall bladder removed...all is fine! YAY!!!
Then Hubs had a call from his doctor at 8pm last night-Wednesday often does that happen-a doctor call you in person at home after hours??? YIKES!! He says hubs red blood cells are too low and bring him in right away for a transfusion. Wait! You mean right away 8pm at night? Deep Sigh!!!!!
So off we go to the ER, I called in at work, we got there and we were there until 5:30am.
Who knows how long it takes to pump in a pint-o-blood? I do!! about 3hours, times vary depending on flowrate though. But the good news is after all that hubs is doing fine. He's on an iron regimen and checks back in a couple of weeks.
Now I pray that's all the time we need to spend with medical professionals for awhile!

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knuckstermom said...

And wouldn't you think that DD would be a little...peeved...that she was not coherent, yet I must blog about her anyways? That'll teach her to not read my blog!!!!