Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Dark Knight

SO since the weather cooled down a bit, we took our summer pilgrimage to the drive in in Newton Iowa. The Valle Drive In  is about an hour from our house and a good place to see a movie.There was a pretty large crowd to see The Dark Knight Rises with Dark Shadows for the double feature. Just so you don't think the drive in is a fancy schmancy place, it's likely the only place you'll see the pack & play baby crib nestled between a Jeep and a mini van.

It might also be the only place you'll see kids on the roof of their gown-ups work van.

We got there in plenty of time to secure a great location, next to a couple in a Ford Focus enjoying their Pizza Hut pizza,  to munch our KFC drive through chicken, purchased moments before heading in the drive in gate. Gotta love the town of Newton!

So at intermission Ben was checking his phone and we  agreed, it wasn't that good. Sorry Christian Bale.
Really I was so disappointed to see so few cool "toys"! Batman has a utility belt full of great toys, not this time though-oh sure a couple of bat-arangs, and one toss out the hospital window to see Commissioner Gorden. BA-not cool enough! The bat cycle was tired, and I could go with out Batman pummeling Bane over and over agian! It was so out of character! AND speaking of out of character...Batman has a quickie on the floor in front of the fireplace with...Oh I better not say...but Batman has a higher moral standard than that! No fooling around, Batman!! And as much as I love Ann Hathaway-and she did look very shapely in her cat suit, her character had such a horrible script.....she could have been ANYONE! Poor Ann, I say! I did like Micheal Caine as Alfred-even though he totally needed a mustache.  I really hated the villain guy- he made no sense, his voice was almost unintelligible, and while him and Batman were pounding on each other-for waaaay more time than necessary-, why didn't Batman just rip his weirdo face mask thingy right off and be done with it?And the worst thing of all.....BATMAN'S VOICE!! AGGHHWWGGGHHHHH!!! Please!!!!  he sounded like a pervert making an obscene phone call after smoking 27 packs of Camel non-filters. And don't even get me started with the story line...I can forgive a lot-it is a comic book after all, but really this was so not good.
At least the popcorn was delicious!

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