Friday, July 13, 2012

It Wasn't The Dog

So my backyard has been a  regular beehive of activity. Saturday I had to call the mayor and tell him the lift station that is located in our backyard-but is owned & maintained by the city-was not operating. Remember it was really hot out too? Well a few minutes later Mr. Mayor & our city water guy were here. They suspected that the pump may have gone bad.  "We'll get the Honey Wagon in here a couple times a day until we can get that fixed" said Mr. Mayor. That was on Saturday.
Today is Friday! Look at the trench they have dug.
Turns out, it's not the pump it's the wiring! YIKES! So the trench for the wiring goes all the way up the hill and out to the street on the backside of our block. They had to remove part of our chain link fence toget the trencher machine in, but they'll put it back when they are done.

The electrician fella just left a few minutes ago, he wired the box on the pole at the lift station site. I told him I have dogs that can dig holes as big as this trench-too bad they won't dig WHERE you want them he said! Things are looking up now!

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