Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Planning Vacation

It's time for the vacation planning to swing into action!I went on line and got tickets for a Riverboat cruise.
I mailed away for the St Louis travel guide and found a couple of cool places I want to visit. 
Fitz Root Beer Bottling Company
Says they are America's original soda microbrewery-sounds good to me!
 And we will likely take the Anheuser Busch tour too.

On the way home I want to stop in LeClaire Iowa and see the home of American Pickers, Antique Archeology. And.... BONUS! there's a fabric store called Expressions In Thread there and their website says they are having a HUGE SALE!
So don't tell anyone....all of my 5 followers...when we'll be gone because "they" say if bad guys know you're gone they'll come rob your house. Well just try to get past Sandy & Mitch I say!

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