Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Springfield's Lincoln Library and Museum

SO on the way hoe I decided we should see the Lincoln Museum. Bloggers in the know all agreed that it was not to be missed.
Here's the Springfield depot, we went to buy tickets here.

It's a well preserved building with a model of Lincolns funeral train inside.
 SO on to the museum. It really was very cool. I posed with the Lincoln family! I may have been a little under dressed!!

 The museum is a walk through set up. You start at the log cabin and follow the path to the white house. It has a ton of exhibits, movies, stories to listen too and paintings. This picture of Mary Lincolns dress was a lucky shot-you're not supposed to take photos inside the galleries or of the exhibits, but I kinda forgot and snapped this one before they told me not to.
SO there just aren't any photos of the rest, but it was worth the stop. I'd go again!

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